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Cutting-edge Korean Technology: The Whitening Booster is a pioneering whitening marvel in Malaysia, requiring no injections. Simply apply gently to enjoy results akin to Botox injections.

No Need for Injections: Bid farewell to the pain of injections, leaving no scars behind, efortlessly achieving ideal skin.

Zero Risks: Eliminate the risks associated with cosmetic surgery, avoiding the burden of expensive costs.

Natural Botanical Formula: Formulated with pure natural botanical extracts, free from heavy metal hormone ingredients, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Anti-Aging Efects: Not only efectively whitening, but also anti-aging, fading  laugh lines, wrinkles, lifting the skin, restoring lost collagen, and rejuvenating the skin to a youthful state.

Fast Results: Skin improvement can be noticeably felt in just 72 hours.

Witness in 7 Days: With consecutive use for 7 days, the skin becomes visibly  fairer, smoother, with an even and bright complexion, reduced wrinkles, lifted facial contours, and faded laugh lines.

Convenient and Easy to Use: Each box contains 28 vials, for daily use, 2ml per vial, easy to carry and simple to use.

One Month Trial: One box is suficient for a month's use, visibly improving the skin, giving you smooth and tender skin.

KKM Certification: Product certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, safe and reliable.

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